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John Kidd for Colorado House of Representatives - House District 1
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John Kidd for Colorado House District 1
Colorado State Capitol - HD1
Candidate John Kidd at the Colorado State House Leadership Office
Let's Elect John Kidd to Colorado House District 1 to bring common sense back to our State Government!

John has the business experience and people skills necessary to get things done in the Colorado Legislature! - Remember to cast your vote for:

John Kidd - House District 1
Paid For by the Committee to Elect John Kidd - Copyright 2012
Addressing the needs of individuals, families, and businesses in
Colorado's House District 1
Committee to Elect John Kidd - PO BOX 621085, LITTLETON, CO 80162-1085
Phone: (720) 394-2613
Email:John Kidd
John's Monthly Newsletter - House District 1
Keep up with the news regarding John's campaign to win the State House District 1 election this November.

Here if you would like to sign up for John's Newsletter or get involved with his campaign.
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