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John Kidd for Colorado House of Representatives - House District 1
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John Kidd for Colorado House District 1
Colorado State Capitol - HD1
John Kidd for HD1 - On the Issues
The Issues affecting us as Coloradans:
Let's Elect John Kidd to Colorado House District 1 to bring common sense back to our State Government!

John has the business experience and people skills necessary to get things done in the Colorado Legislature! - Remember to cast your vote for:

John Kidd - House District 1
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Addressing the needs of individuals, families, and businesses in
Colorado's House District 1
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Job Creation - We must get government out of the way of entrepreneurs - the number one creator of jobs in our state. In addition, we need to reverse the damage that has been done by anti-business legislation. One of the main reasons our state economy is struggling is the fact that businesses are leaving Colorado for tax incentives offered by neighboring "business-friendly" states.

Seniors - Our senior citizens are not to be used as a "revenue source" when state spending is out of control. Suspension of the Senior Homestead Exemption Act to make up for a state budget shortfall is deplorable and should not be allowed. Didn't anyone ever teach our legislators to "respect their elders?" My first order of business as your state representative would be to draft an amendment to prevent future suspension of the Senior Homestead Exemption.

State Government - We must control the size of Colorado's government and eliminate duplicate services by finding synergies where they exist. The continued expansion of Colorado government that is disproportionate to population growth is unsustainable. Additionally, more focus must be placed on eliminating fraud, waste, and corruption from our state agencies and programs like Medicaid.

State Taxes - Tax revenue has a direct relationship with individuals and businesses in Colorado. As taxes increase disproportionately to the revenue generated by individuals, small businesses, and corporations, the result will ultimately be less capital available for future business expansion, job losses, and less disposable income making its way back into the state economy. A sure way to create a state budget shortfall is to keep increasing individual, business, and corporate state income taxes and not cap or reduce state government expenditures.

Education - Colorado's population has one of the highest percentages of college graduates at 35.5% compared to the US average of 27.2%. This essentially is one of the main reasons Colorado has not experienced as "deep" a recessions as the rest of the country. State higher education funding should be priority one so that every qualified high-school student should have the opportunity to attend college in order to increase their chances of success in the future. Most importantly, we need to make sure that the kids in our K through 12 education sytem are receiving the best education possible in preparation for employment or college after graduation. School administrators, teachers, and yes, parents are all accountable for ensuring our children's success and must work together to make this happen. I am always reminded of the bumper sticker "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance". It's true, without education, the only option is usually a life of sacrifice, resulting in dependence on state programs or even worse, a life of crime.

Stronger Communities - In this day and age of advanced communication technology, it seems that we are more removed from each other now than ever before in our history. I believe that "good ole" face-to-face community meetings are still the best way for members of a community to get to know each other. I also firmly believe that our elected representatives must attend these meetings on a regular basis as a service to the people they receive their salaries from!

Healthcare - As we hear more and more rhetoric regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (commonly referred to as "ObamaCare), I am totally against government involvement in the management of a national healthcare program. I firmly believe as an American citizen, I should not be required to purchase any type of product or service just because of my citizenship or simply based upon the fact that I exist. We must overturn this intolerable act by gaining a majority in the US Senate and maintaining a majority in the US House this next election. Additionally, we must make it very clear to our Governor that the state of Colorado should not adopt the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act including the expansion of the Medicaid program. Doing so will only create a greater shortfall in our state budget due to adding over 270,000 new members to the state Medicaid program and essentially kill any chances of an economic recovery and any hopes of jobs growth in the future.

The Environment - "Use what you need and make sure to put it back in better condition after you are finished with it. Your children may want to use it in the future!" - John Kidd 2012