Loretto Heights - Home of Colorado Heights University in Southwest Denver Colorado
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John Kidd for Denver City Council
District 2
Working for you! Council District 2
Denver City Council Candidate John Kidd
John Kidd for Denver City Council
MESSAGE FROM JOHN KIDD: Southwest Denver is a wonderful place to live.

Whether you’re a long-time resident who remembers the days of Major Arthur Harvey or a brand new resident to the district, the communities that make up Council District 2 in Southwest Denver have so much to offer. We have access to two recreation centers, numerous athletic fields and parks, trails on Bear Creek and Sanderson Gulch, several libraries, and many other city services. From the historic Harvey Park neighborhood with its architecturally renowned Cliff May homes, to Loretto Heights, home of Colorado Heights University, to Glenbrook, Mar Lee, Pinehurst, Grant Ranch, Marston, Fort Logan, Bear Valley, Pinecrest and the many other smaller neighborhoods, we are a proud community that firmly believes in maintaining our history and identity at a time when the rest of Denver is quickly being transformed into transportation oriented, mixed-use developments.

As your councilman, I will bring a new level of energy to the city council and focus on protecting our historic neighborhoods and work to continually improve the quality of our community. I will follow the traditions set by former Councilman Ted Hackworth and current Councilwoman Jeanne Faatz and stand up for our district against those who wish to adversely transform the look of our community. I will work diligently to protect the rights of property owners, fight to defend and promote small businesses in our district, protect the sustainability of our parks and recreation centers, and continually work to keep Southwest Denver moving forward with determination and dedication.

By working together, we can keep our neighborhoods both thriving and vibrant and continue to preserve District 2 in Southwest Denver as the wonderful place it is.

Next May 5th, please cast your vote for the candidate who will stand up and represent you and be your voice on the Denver City Council

Elect John Kidd - 2015 Candidate for Denver City Council District 2.


John Kidd for Denver City Council
Campaign Issues
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John Kidd - Candidate for Denver City Council District 2
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Loretto Heights
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• Keep our Neighborhoods both Safe and Vibrant
• Stand Up For and Properly Support Our Public Safety Officials (Police, Fire, Emergency...)
• Provide Excellent Constituent Services by Keeping the Current District 2 Assistant
• Protect the People of Our District from Scams, Fraud, and Identity Theft
• Maintain and Improve our Streets, Sidewalks, Parks & Rec Centers, and Infrastructure
• Follow Fiscally Sound Practices and Keep City Government Accountable to You the Taxpayer
• Ensure the Delivery of Basic City Services (Trash, Recycle, Street Sweeping, Snow Removal, etc...)
• Protect the Rights of Property Owners and Preserve our Historic Neighborhoods
• Develop Public-Private Partnerships to Foster New Economic Development and Job Creation
• Increase Efforts to Stop Speeding and Reckless Driving on Our Neighborhood Streets
• Enforce Zoning in Our Community to Correct and Prevent Urban Blight and Decay
• Be Your Voice on the Denver City Council Regarding Matters that are
Important to You!
As your District 2 City Councilman, John will work to: