John Kidd - 2012 Candidate for Colorado State House District 1
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Kidd for Colorado House of Representatives - House District 1
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Let's Elect John Kidd to Colorado House District 1 to bring common sense back to our State Government!

John has the business experience and people skills necessary to get things done in the Colorado Legislature!
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John Kidd - House District 1
Colorado State Capitol - HD1
Addressing the needs of individuals, families, and businesses in
Colorado's House District 1
"My sincere thanks to the 9,350 voters in House District 1 who supported me in this election!

God Bless you all for your vote and for your concern for our community.

My challenge to you all is to stay positive and work diligently towards victory in 2014

Our House District and the State of Colorado demands better representation and leadership and with your support, we will provide that leadership."

In the immortal words of John Paul Jones
"I have not yet begun to fight"

Photo by: Gina M Buckley Photograpy
Colorado 2012 General Election Results